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    For women only

    For women only

      Thanks to Donnafit

      Thanks to Donnafit

      I feel much healthier, stronger, more beautiful, and in shape!

        What is Donnafit

        Natural formula for health, beauty, vitality, and the longevity of women.

        Donnafit is nature’s gift to women.


        For women only

        Painful and irregular menstruations, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), infertility, fibroid degenerative changes, endometriosis, polycystic breasts and ovaries, urinary tract infections, and menopause are just some of the frequent medical problems and changes afflicting women as early as from puberty – from the first menstruation until the menopause period – being the last menstruation.
        All changes that a woman body experiences as of puberty take place due to hormones. Given the fact that hormones are the most responsible for all our internal and external changes, that they control growth, development, and the entire reproductive system, we should start by clarifying what hormones actually are!
        After a stressful situation, we often hear the words: “I felt a rush of adrenaline”; faced with a person who is upset or aggressive, we often say: “Quit down your hormones”, etc.

        Donnafit –for natural hormone balance

        DONNAFIT product is nature’s gift to women. DONNAFIT is a unique therapy rich in natural medicinal herbs, vitamins, and minerals which regulate the production of hormones inside the organism and maintain their balance in a natural way. Due to its composition rich in natural elements, DONNAFIT is used in organism regeneration, both inside and outside, it strengthens the immune system, regulates the functioning of endocrine glands, it helps with menopausal and premenstrual problems, it protects the reproductive organs (ovaries and uterus) from inflammatory processes, it has a diuretic function, it controls the pancreas and blood sugar levels, and it is also ideal as a prevention of ageing, in cases of arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis.

        Where and how Donnafit works?

        Herbal-vitamin-mineral therapy DONNAFIT is considered to be a regulator which maintains the level of hormones within normal boundaries. DONNAFIT contains substances similar to hormones that can control a wide spectre of body functions, including reproduction (fertility), sexual drive, sleep, immunity, and digestion, and even thinking and speaking. DONNAFIT is successfully used in treatments of irregular functioning of the endocrine glands and hormone imbalance inside the organism.


        Maintains optimum balance of the female sex hormones

        Influences premenstrual and climacteric problems

        Reduces urinary tract infections

        Affects mood, enhances the ability to concentrate, working performance, memory

        Acts against inflammatory processes within the female sex domain

        Has a positive effect on fat and carbon hydrates metabolism

        Protects against excessive bone deterioration (osteoporosis)

        Helps the synthesis of collagen and improves skin flexibility

        Two advantages

        Donnafit is a formula for women

        Donnafit is a formula for women

        Donnafit is a natural formula for good health and strength of women during their entire lives, from puberty to old age.

        Health, vitality, energy, beauty, harmony and relaxation

        Health, vitality, energy, beauty, harmony and relaxation

        In a packet of DONNAFIT there is vitality, energy, beauty, harmony and relaxation. In the office or at home, in the car or on the plane, a spa treatment is able to transform a bad day in a fantastic adventure.

        What bothers women?

        What is it that troubles women who are in the prime of their life and how can they be helped?

        We asked this question to Dr. Kristina M., a gyneacologist.
        (Dr. K.M.): The more women move into the middle age, the more they come to me with questions about menopause and such health problems that come with it. I’d like to take this opportunity to look back on some of these questions, and tell you how women can stay healthy and strong their entire lives. Menopause or “the life change“ is not a disease, but a natural part of every woman's life cycle. Women experience menopause in many different ways; for some of them it is the end of their femininity, while for others it's a phase of new self-confidence. Menopause is a time when special attention should be paid to one's health, because hormone changes that the organism goes through can cause numerous hardships.

        Can you tell us when the menopause starts?

        (Dr. K.M.): Menopause (climacterium) usually takes place sometime between the age of 40 and 55, causing gradual absence of menstruation. Hormone level change is often followed by unpleasant symptoms: hot flashes; sweating; depression; irritability; insomnia; loss of sexual desire; urinating problems; sense of fatigue... During that period women are prone to a high number of chronic illnesses: high blood pressure; diabetes; heart and blood vessels conditions; and osteoporosis. And if a chronic disease already exists, it can only get worse. To deal more easily with menopause related problems, the right solution is to turn to nature, i.e. to practice a healthier life style which implies proper diet and physical activity combined with natural medicinal products.

        Can you recommend some natural products?

        I can recommend DONNAFIT as a one-of-a-kind natural remedy, based on medicinal herbs, vitamins, and minerals which regulate the production of hormones in the organism and maintain hormone balance. Apart from improving the physical health of women, it also has a positive effect on hair and skin.

        How and how long should Donnafit be used?

        It is recommended to take one pill twice a day. The duration of use depends on the health conditions and is determined individually, differing from one person to another. With acute problems the duration of use is usually between 8 and 12 weeks, whereas with chronic diseases it should be used for 12 to 24 weeks.

        For a natural hormone balance

        Donnafit is a formula for women – everyday help for the female organism.
        Donnafit is a natural formula for good health and strength of women during their entire lives, from puberty to old age. Throughout the month, complicated cyclic hormone changes take place inside the female organism. These changes can cause organism function disorders (anxiety, insomnia, irritability, weakened immunity, headaches...). Disrupted hormone balance in the female body can cause the occurrence of numerous illnesses.
        Donnafit has a positive effect on premenstrual and climacterium syndrome. This phytocomplex supplies the female organism with nutritive substances (phytoestrogens) essential to establishing hormone balance. It provides optimum functioning of endocrine glands. It has a positive effect on the looks and health of hair, skin, and nails.

        What are hormones?

        Everyday we use the term “hormones”. How much do we really know about what hormones are, how they work, what influences them, and how to notice whether there has been a hormone disorder? What is the connection between spiritual life and hormones and vice versa?
        Hormones are chemical substances that are products of endocrine glands. Endocrine or internal secretion means that hormones are being secreted directly into the blood which carries them towards tissues or organs in which they control certain chemical processes. A simple way to say it is that hormones transfer special messages which are essential for normal functioning of internal body processes.
        Inside a woman’s body, from puberty to menopause, the hormones oestrogen and progesterone are being produced. They are synthesised in cycles so that in the first half of the menstrual cycle oestrogen prevails, whereas in the second half progesterone is the dominant one. Their basic role of these hormones is to incite maturing and to enable normal functioning of the internal and external female sex organs. They regulate menstrual cycle, fertilisation, and pregnancy. However, hormones have other roles inside the body; both oestrogen and progesterone are well known for their role in sexuality and reproduction, but apart from that, both of them perform a wide range of other very important tasks inside the organism. Oestrogen is involved in almost everything – starting from maintaining normal levels of cholesterol and structuring of bones, to memory and learning. Progesterone, which is produced by the ovaries and the adrenal glands, also plays a vital role in the structuring of bones and sexual impulse, and it is also a natural remedy that helps relaxation, enabling women to cope with stress.
        Oestrogen and progesterone, sex hormones, play a vital role in female health and wellbeing, and if a disorder or imbalance of these hormones should take place in the organism, the following health conditions may occur: premenstrual syndrome (PMS); cystic ovaries; breast cancer; endometriosis; infertility; gaining weight; menopausal problems; high levels of cholesterol; osteoporosis; heart diseases; arthritis...


        Urinary tract infections

        Urinary tract infections, commonly known as cystitis or bladder infection, are usually caused by Escherichia coli and other forms of bacteria which are produced in the large intestine and which contaminate the urethra and the vagina. Infections and inflammations of the urinary tract are often characterised by frequent urinating followed by a constant urge to urinate or by a sensation that the bladder had not been completely emptied. Urinating is usually followed by prickling, and there is an intensive need to urinate during late night hours. Additional symptoms may include cramps and dark unpleasantly smelling urine, whereas in more serious cases blood can appear in the urine.


        Menopause can be defined as the end of the female reproductive phase. Most women experience menopause between the age of 45 and 50, but it is a fact that it may start between the ages of 40 and 60. The menopause process usually starts with changes in the menstrual cycle. Time period between two cycles often becomes irregular, and the cycle can sometimes be completely omitted. Although menopause is usually followed by spotted menstrual bleeding, some women can experience painful and irregular menorrhagia. The usual symptoms are also hot flashes, dry skin, irritability, vaginal dryness, night sweating, urinary tract infections, mood swings, fatigue, and insomnia. It is important to mention that menopause is also characterised by reduced oestrogen production in the ovaries, and when this happens, the process is transfer to the adrenal glands, as well.


        Osteoporosis is a grave condition in which the bones become porous, leading to the weakening of the skeletal system and frequent fractures. This disease is more frequently found in women than in men, and post-menopause women are most prone to it. Women who have just entered into menopause often experience elevated losses of calcium and their bones stop growing as a result of hormone changes.
        People who suffer from osteoporosis frequently feel lower back pain and experience sudden fractures due to their frail bone mass. Some of the symptoms are reduced body height and skeletal deformities. Some of the early indicators of the lack of calcium are gum diseases and wobbly teeth, insomnia, back pain, and leg cramps during the night.


        Sterility is a widespread problem of the modern world. It is contributed to by numerous factors – physical, emotional, and environmental. To understand sterility, it is necessary to know the conditions required for a couple to have a baby. Firstly, female ovaries must produce egg cells. Secondly, the man must be capable of producing healthy sperm. Thirdly, the oviducts must be cleansed and open so that the sperm can reach the egg while it is still in the oviduct and that it can reach the uterus without obstruction. Fourthly, the uterus mucous membrane should be such so that it allows the fertilised egg to implant itself. And finally, once the egg is implanted, the woman should excrete the hormones necessary for the preservation of the fertilised egg.

        Its components

        Angelica archangelica - "superb healing medicinal plant for women"

        Angelica archangelica - "superb healing medicinal plant for women"

        For centuries Chinese women have used Angelica as a medicinal remedy for a wide range of female gynaecological problems. Scientific research verified its value when it comes to symptoms caused by hormone changes. Angelica is a highly esteemed medicinal plant which significantly contributes to the slowing down of the ageing process. Angelica is believed to be a regulator that maintains a normal level of hormones. It contains substances similar to hormones that can alleviate hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and other menopause symptoms. It is also highly rich in vitamin E and has a mild sedative effect that can contribute to stress reduction.
        When it comes to heart diseases, tests have verified that this plant can lower blood pressure and slow down the pulse. Angelica is also used as “blood constructor’. This medicinal plant is a rich source of iron and it can help prevent anaemia caused by the lack of this mineral. Angelica also regulates the blood sugar levels, thus having a preventive effect on the synthesis of high concentrations of glucose or blood sugar that can cause diabetes.

        Silybum Marianum – liver cleanser

        Silybum Marianum – liver cleanser

        Since ancient times the seed of this plant has been used for medicinal purposes in treating digestive disorders, alleviating gallbladder attacks, against constipation, for building strength... Today, however, Silybum Marianum is being increasingly used as “the liver plant”. It contains silymarin, a compound belonging to the class of flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants that help to protect cells from the activity of free radicals and from deterioration. Numerous studies have shown that Silybum Marianum has a strong therapeutic effect on the liver, that is, that it protects it from damage caused by toxins and diseases.



        Biochemists refer to magnesium as a “cold, alkaline, refreshing mineral that is good for the sleep”. Magnesium helps us maintain freshness and tranquillity, it relaxes and balances the nerves. It is necessary for proper muscular functions. This mineral is an activator of the majority of the enzyme system which includes carbon hydrates, fats, and proteins. It activates them in reactions in which they produce energy. It is involved in the production of lecithin that prevents the creation of cholesterol, thus preventing arteriosclerosis. Magnesium is responsible for keeping a healthier cardio-vascular system and it helps combat depression. It prevents the sedimentation of calcium in the kidneys and bladder, and it also soothes digestive problems.
        When it comes to the health of bones, magnesium is equally important as calcium because it is necessary for calcium and vitamin C metabolism. During a two year long test, a group of menopause women were given magnesium to evaluate its effect on the density of bone tissue. It was proven that magnesium had a preventive effect on fractures and that it considerably enhanced the density of bone tissue.



        Iron is an important mineral which is essential for the vital activity of blood and glands. It distributes oxygen inhaled inside the lungs throughout all of the cells. It is a main mineral that provides warmth, vitality, and strength. Iron is crucial for life maintenance, it is essential in the production of haemoglobin (red blood cells), myoglobin (red muscle pigment), and certain enzymes. It promotes growth, enhances resilience to diseases, prevents fatigue, cures and heals anaemia, and restores a natural complexion to the skin.
        Lack of nutritive iron in the body can lead to anaemia, reduced resilience to diseases, general fatigue, pale complexion, shortage of breath, and loss of sexual desire.

        Vitamin D

        Vitamin D

        Vitamin D is necessary for proper formation of bones and teeth and for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. It helps assimilate calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals into the digestive tract. It is useful in treating muscle fatigue, constipation, anxiety, conjunctivitis, and it can help prevent catching a cold.
        Lack of this vitamin can cause overall bone deformity, rickets, enhanced teeth deterioration, and osteoporosis (porous bones).

        Rhodiola rosea – golden root

        Rhodiola rosea – golden root

        Rhodiola rosea is also known as “THE GOLDEN ROOT”, due to its numerous medicinal properties. Medicinal effect of Rhodiola is visible both on the physical and mental level. It is used as an energy tonic and for combating stress, so that it is recommended to persons who are experiencing significant and everyday psycho-physical strains.
        Rhodiola rosea improves physical and mental shape, concentration, it removes the symptoms of depression, bad mood, and sexual dysfunction. It can be very useful for restoring hormone balance inside the organism. Apart from that, Rhodiola rosea is also used as a natural assistance in the reduction of body weight and in burning body fat.

        Borgo officinalis

        Borgo officinalis

        Borage or starflower is an annual herbaceous plant with round and juicy stem that can be 30 to 50 cm in height.
        Its leaves are broad and elliptic, and the stem with the leaves is covered with rough hair. The flowers are separate and blue. The leaves and the entire stem, plucked when it’s in bloom, are used for medicinal purposes. They are used to cure anxiety and heart racing. They promote the excretion of toxic maters from the organism. They have an anti-fibrotic, refreshing, and invigorating effect.
        Borage (Lat. Borago) contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), the tests of which have proved that it can destroy cancer cells and prevent the spread of malignant tumours by stopping the growth of blood vessels. In a recently conducted test on women suffering from breast cancer, scientists from Nottingham have discovered that a cocktail made of GLA and a cancer cure called tamoxifen accelerated the recovery of the patients. “The oil extracted from borage is a rich source of GLA”, said Dr Alan McGown, chief of the Drug development department with the British charity organisation “Cancer Research Campaign”.
        Borage has the highest natural concentration of this acid. The oil obtained from this plant contains 24% of the acid which is used for treating PMS, as well.
        Results of the Nottingham research were published in the International Journal of Cancer. During this research, 38 women suffering from cancer were given eight capsules of GLA each, 2.8 g a day, and tamoxifen, whereas the other half was given only tamoxifen. The women who received the drug cocktail recovered much faster that the women from the other group, thanks to the gamma-linolenic acid obtained from borage plants.



        ALFALFA is one of the most famous and oldest medicinal plants. Medicago sativa, as it is called in Latin, belongs to the family of legume (Fabaceae). Its name “alfalfa” is of Persian origin, as this plant was first grown in Persia over 4000 years ago. For centuries it has been used in popular or folk medicine for treating a series of illnesses: digestive problems; rickets; insomnia; headaches; arthritis; anaemia; as well as a calming remedy or for cleansing the body from various toxins.
        ALFALFA is a plant extremely rich in nutritive and medicinal substances such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, beta-Carotene, enzymes, and phytoestrogens. It owes its mineral properties to the minerals it contains: silicon; potassium; calcium; magnesium; iron; copper... It also has vitamin properties as it abounds in vitamins A, beta-Carotene, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12,C, D, and E.
        It is used in the prevention of ageing, as well as in arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis. Its oestrogen properties are due to the substances that regulate natural production of hormones inside the body.
        It has a purifying effect - it cleanses the blood and liver, a diuretic effect – it protects the kidneys and the urinary tract by removing impurities from the organism – and an anti-inflammatory effect – it strengthens the immune system. Women often use ALFALFA as a sexual tonic, as well.

        Griffonia Simplicifolia – 5-HTP

        Griffonia Simplicifolia – 5-HTP

        Control over stress and anxiety is very important for maintaining overall body health. 5-HTP is a direct precursor of a very important inhibitive neurotransmitter, serotonin, which is excreted as a response to changes in mood or emotions. Apart from its importance for the nervous and brain functions, serotonin also has a positive effect on normal and healthy sleep, emotional states, pain management, inflammatory processes, digestive peristalsis, etc. 5-HTP is an intermediate metabolite of L-tryptophan amino acid and of serotonin, and it is obtained from the extract of an African plant called GRIFFONIA SIMPLICIFOLIA. 5-HTP and tryptophan amino acid are not the same thing, and they are derived from different sources. Their effect is similar, although some recent research shows that 5-HTP is more effective in maintaining a healthy emotional state and in removing the consequences of stress and anxiety attacks. Griffonia simplicifolia (5-HTP) can help with problems such as: depressive conditions; fibromyalgia (muscle pain); insomnia; migraine headaches...



        Phytoestrogens are herbal substances which are transformed during the normal digestive process into a form of a very mild oestrogen. Soya grain is highly rich in phytoestrogens and, although they are much weaker than the body steroid hormones, they are still capable of exerting a powerful influence.
        Phytoestrogens can help in the managing of the hormone status in a useful way, given that they are similar to oestrogens produced by the organism. Although phytoestrogens are weaker than natural oestrogen, if there is a sufficient amount of them they can still completely compensate the lack of natural oestrogen while they attach themselves to oestrogen-sensitive cells.
        Recent research showed that everyday use of soya can act as the most effective way to reduce the level of cholesterol.
        Soya contains several substances that have a preventive effect on the occurrence of cancer; phytochemicals called lignans and isoflavonoids, two compounds which are converted inside the digestive tract into an oestrogen-like substance, known as ekuol.
        Soya balances the body hormone function in a natural way and removes the symptoms of menopause such as: hot flashes; sweating; headaches; slow memory; mood swings; and insomnia.


        (Vera G., 45)

        (Vera G., 45) / 14-08-2013

        Us, women, always have problems – it's either headache, or we are nervous, or it's PMS, or it's menopause. Due to all of this we take large quantities of pills every day, and sometimes they are completely useless. Before I discovered DONNAFIT, I looked like a travelling pharmacy – my purse was full of pills for headaches, anti-stress pills, pills for pain, for digestion, full of vitamins, minerals... Today, however, the only thing I carry in my purse is Donnafit. Donnafit makes all my problems go away. I feel much more cheerful, healthier, stronger, and even younger. Donnafit is the right solution for my problems!


        Anonima / 01-09-2014

        As I young girl, I experienced painful menstruations and frequent ovary inflammations. When I got married, my menstrual problems became less troublesome, but no matter what I couldn’t get pregnant. After all the examinations and various diagnoses, I was sent home and told to be patient. I had nearly lost hope when my mother gave me Donnafit. It was two years ago. My son has nearly started walking, and I am very happy and eternally thankful.

        Yours faithfully, Dušanka M.

        Yours faithfully, Dušanka M. / 01-09-2014

        I’d like to take this opportunity to offer thanks for this special help. Since I started using Donnafit I became a different person, with a new desire to live, brimming with energy and enthusiasm. My hormones are once again balanced and I no longer experience problems with urinary infections. My husband tells me everyday that I seem younger, as well.

        10 steps to longevity

        Forget about the year of your birth.
        With a few simple changes to your life style, you can put an end to ageing and be healthier. New scientific research reveals that speed and the way we age are significantly conditioned by how we live our lives.
        Scientific claim: nature takes care of us until the age of thirty, and after that we are on our own. So take matters in your own hands and stay young as long as possible!

        1. Water can improve your health conditions

        Given that water is important for numerous body functions, a key to achieving good health condition is to take 1.5 to 3 litres of water every day. Water helps protect the body from a series of illnesses, it improves the looks of skin and hair, and it is useful for reduction of body fat and for losing weight.

        2. Put an end to rigorous diets

        The doctors warn that constant diets during a person’s middle age can damage skin, bones, muscles, and brain. Instead of starving, maintain normal weight without frequent variations, and exercise at least 15 minutes a day. Reduce the consumption of sugar. As you grow older, each candy you eat will raise your blood sugar level for a longer period.

        3. Symetric posture

        Do you hunch while you stand or sit? Disturbed balance can cause many problems – a rough fall in your forties is an inconvenience – bones are more fragile, especially if you are prone to osteoporosis. Walk and sit straight. Sixteen hours a day spent in an irregular position deforms the spine and disrupts normal functioning of heart, lungs, and kidneys.

        4. Take care of your teeth

        Inflammatory processes of the gums can lead to greater problems than losing your teeth; they weaken the immunity and can cause heart disorders. Take care of your teeth, and at the age of 55 you will look at least four years younger than women your age.

        5. Power walk

        Activity makes you younger. Walking maintains good shape of your bones and muscles. This shape declines up to five percent each year, compared to the days of your youthful prime. Three vigorous 20-minutes-long walks a week are sufficient to improve your circulation, stabilise blood pressure, take care of your bones, strengthen your immune system, and improve your mood.

        6. Make love more frequently

        Active sex life can "take off" up to 12 years – scientists claim. Lively fifty-year-olds who often make love live longer and look youthful.
        So, remember your passionate moments and sleepless nights and apply the most pleasant therapy to prolong your youth.

        7. Sunbathe...

        ...But not too much, of course. 10 – 20 minutes of exposure to the sun per day helps the natural production of vitamin D that prolongs youth, but it also has a tremendous effect on the cardio-vascular system and immunity.

        8. Sleep sufficiently

        Unfortunately, after the age of 35, up to 7000 brain cells die each day – so the rest of the cells must function even harder. That is why high quality sleep is very important – that is when the majority of the cells regenerate. Insufficient sleep weakens your immunity and enhances stress.

        9. Be optimistic

        Have faith in a positive solution of every situation and you will simply "boost" your immune system. Recent studies show that people who appear to be much younger are eternal optimists. Positive thinking slows down the excretion of stress hormones. This kind of attitude will improve your self-esteem and protect you against stress and frequent viral illnesses.

        10. Choose DONNAFIT as your "LONGEVITY ELYXIR"!

        All scientists agree on one thing; antioxidants are the ones that prevent cell damage that causes all forms of ageing (from visible wrinkles, to heart diseases and cancer). Doctors recommend magnesium as an extremely important mineral. Magnesium helps us maintain tranquillity. It relaxes and balances the nerves. When it comes to healthy bones magnesium is as important as calcium and vitamin C. Iron is crucial for vital activity of blood and glands. It distributes the oxygen inhaled into the lungs into all of the cells. It is the principal mineral that provides warmth, vitality, and strength. Lack of nutritive iron inside the body can lead to anaemia, general fatigue, a weak immune system, shortage of breath, and loss of sexual desire. Vitamin D is necessary for proper formation of bones and teeth and for a healthy function of the thyroid gland. It is useful in treating muscle fatigue, constipation, anxiety...
        Donnafit contains in a single capsule: magnesium 90.00 mg; iron 14.00 mg; vitamin D 5.00 mcg; and it provides ideal protection to the organism.

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